“Artworks that …

“Artworks that contain elements of opposition, ambiguity, ambivalence, contradiction and transformation often intrigue the most and Jonathan Gabb’s sculptural paintings confound at every turn. For a start they begin as flat colour-fields – large plastic sheets coated in a mixture of single-hue acrylic pigment and PVA glue. But then Gabb slits each rectangle into a fringe of strips. Still attached by at least one edge, and affixes the frayed sheets in pairs or groups, of different colours, to the walls or ceiling, re-arranging the hanging strands into configurations of drapes and loops. Each individual strip now functions as a line or mark in what has become a vibrant, three-dimensional, multicoloured installation. It’s almost as if Gabb had taken something of the cool colour field paintings of Barnet Newman and turned them into something like the gestural action paintings of Jackson Pollock, without in any way resembling either.” Helen Sumpter, 2013

excerpt from Helen Sumpter’s essay, SYSTEM Exhibition Catalogue 


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